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Welcome to Alpha Signals, where I share my journey in developing and executing a backtested systematic trading strategy with substantial alpha expectancy.

I've been a part-time trader for many years until I realized during 2022 and 2023 that individual stock trading can be a rollercoaster, and for most people, it's like playing chess with a grandmaster when you've just learned how to move the pieces!
The market's unpredictability and the risk of losing hard-earned money make it a risky game. Diversifying through index funds and replicating a strategy with positive alpha might save you from financial whiplash.

I have come to realize that to attain consistent and meaningful gains it requires a substantial amount of time and dedication to scan for the best merchandise in the market, go through hundreds of charts every week, plan each trade and trade every plan with relentless discipline and focus.
While that is certainly possible for full-time professional traders, it is very difficult for most of the people to embrace such high level of commitment and even then, a very large portion of market participants will not even beat a broad market index like the S&P 500 or Nasdaq Composite.

That's the reason I spent most of 2023 researching, developing, backtesting and fine-tuning a systematic trading strategy to create a profitable and consistent approach to trading, to enable me to collect substantial profits from the stock market, while at the same time keep the gains and minimize drawdowns during downtrends and bear markets.

What is Systematic Trading?

Systematic trading refers to an automated investment strategy that involves using pre-defined rules to identify trading opportunities and execute trades. These trading systems are usually based on mathematical models, historical data, and technical indicators to generate signals for buying or selling assets.

Systematic trading is often preferred by traders as it is less emotional and more objective than discretionary trading. Unlike discretionary trading, automated trading systems are not influenced by human emotions such as fear, greed, or overconfidence, which can lead to wrong trading decisions.

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